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J, Jh Ñ T, Th D, Dh N P Ph
B, Bh M Y R L V S H Pali-Viet



a. hay adj Adjective
abs. Absolutive
ad. Adverb
aor. Aorist
cpds. Compounds
conj. Conjunction
caus. Causative
Deno. Denominative verb
Des. Desiderative verb
f. Feminine
m. Masculine
nt. Neuter
Ger. Gerund
intj. Interjection
in. Indeclinable
inf. Infinitive
onom. Onomatopoetic verb
pass Passive
act. Active
pp. Past participle
pr. p. Present participle
pt. p. Potential participle
prep. Preposition
pret. Preterit verb
3 Of the three genders
Sin. Singular
Pl. Plural
Der. Derivative


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