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Mindfulness In Plain English

Ven. Henepola Gunaratana


Preface, Introduction, Chapters 1- 4

About The Author
Chapter 1 (Meditation: Why Should I Bother?)
Chapter 2 (What Meditation Isn't)
Chapter 3 (What Meditation Is)
Chapter 4 (Attitude)

Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5 (The Practice)
Chapter 6:

What To Do With Your Body
General Rules
Traditional Postures

Chapter 7 (What To Do With Your Mind)

Chapter 8 (Structuring Your Meditation)

Where To Sit
When To Sit
How Long To Sit

Chapter 9 (Set up Exercises)

The Threefold Guidance
Universal Loving-Kindness

Chapter 10 (Dealing With Problems)

Chapter 11 (Dealing With Distractions, I)

Chapter 12 (Dealing with Distractions, II)

Chapter 13 (Mindfulness - Sati)

Chapter 14 (Mindfulness Versus Concentration)

Chapter 15 (Meditation in Everyday Life)

Chapter 16 (What's in It for You)

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